MarketingStrategyMarketing Strategy and Consultation

To begin your successful marketing efforts you first need a focused plan of action. You can have fantastic looking advertising, but without the right message and in the wrong media it can, and will, fail and be a waste of money. There are endless options available for effectively communicating your message. The trick is to develop the right message, identify your audience, and to reach them in the most effective combination of media. Our team of marketing professionals will develop a successful strategy for your specific company.

BrandingIdentityBranding and Identity

In competitive markets, a unique, powerful brand can give you the edge to become the leader in your field. By successfully creating your brand/identity, you will enjoy the amazing spoils of top-of-mind awareness. Your customers and clients will know exactly who you are, what you do and how well you do it.

MediaPlacementMulti-channel Placement

Media placement is targeting your specific customer through a single or multiple media choice. Impacting the consumer with the right message and achieving your reach and frequency goals is critical to an effective media plan. Our experienced media buying team comes directly from a media background which helps us understand the inner workings of the industry. We have executed comprehensive media plans including radio, television (broadcast and cable), print, outdoor, direct mail, internet and search marketing. We also have experience in multiple markets, both large and small.

GraphicDesignGraphic Design

Graphic design is developing visual creative concepts that transfer across all media platforms.
Our multimedia teams work closely together to create a consistent message and visual impact across the entire spectrum of your marketing campaign. The creative team is talented, innovative, versatile and dedicated.  We develop fresh solutions for our clients with passion, pride and enthusiasm. We work to bring communication alive!

Print Material Includes:

  • Corporate identity packages
  • Brochures programs & annual reports
  • Newsletters
  • Postcards & Direct Mailers
  • Banners, signs, flyers & posters
  • Newspaper & magazine ads

Video/Audio Multimedia

At 5:00 Marketing we create engaging TV and radio spots including Commercials, PSAs, long-format videos and various other forms. The video/audio team has decades worth of experience in delivering compelling, successful and award-winning digital marketing projects.

PublicRelationsPublic Relations

A well-planned public relations campaign is one of the least expensive and potentially most effective ways to promote your business. What is public relations? Better yet, what are great public relations? It’s creating and fostering a positive relationship between you and the public (who happen to be your customers and people who influence your customers). There is no selling; just information about your company in a positive light that the public grows to appreciate.

InternetSocialMediaInternet & Search Marketing

5:00 Marketing creates and develops online marketing campaigns across multiple internet marketing tools. A well-planned ad campaign has the potential to reach thousands of people through Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pandora. Our internet department works closely with graphic design and web development to create a consistent message and visual impact across all media platforms.

WebDevelopmentWeb Development

A website is a marketing tool to enhance your overall marketing strategy and is a necessity in the new digital age. The development of your site should focus on communicating with your prospective customers the information they need about your services, location, contact information and other important elements of your enterprise. At 5:00 Marketing Group, we combine creative design, robust web development techniques and proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to maximize the reach and effectiveness of your website.